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Meet Your Next Republican President:

Walter D. Clapp

Walter is a 12th generation American. A childhood farm worker turned builder, attorney, and technologist, Walter seeks to reinvigorate America's roots.

Incapable of sitting idly while old men burn down our Republic, he entered the dangerous arena of the 2024 Presidential Race.

Not a career politician, Walter's youth, legal training, and technological savvy set him apart. He speaks when needed and listens attentively.

Explore below his plan for a leaner government: expand the House of Representatives, fix gerrymandering, and shrink the bureaucracy.

Our revolutionary war fought for better representation, yet we now suffer representation eight times worse than the U.K.

Walter is setting out on a cross-country trip driving a team of horses and a wagon this fall. Join him.

Spread the word or pledge your support to Walter's cause. Together, we can heal our polarized political worlds.

Urgent: We must Remove the Cap on our House of Representatives. Please donate $1 or more below to ensure George Washington's legacy lives on. Remember our Nation's Founding Battle Cry!


Today, we have 8 times worse Representation than citizens of the UK. REPublicans cannot stand for this BS.

Meet Your Next Republican Contender, Walter D. Clapp


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Starting at age 13 and into College, Walter worked ~100 hour weeks as a rice farm grunt and used his first season's earnings to build his first computer and start a DJ company. After College, he built a log home from scratch, including plumbing and wiring. This led him to encounter Beartooth Electric, the bankrupt electricity provider he relied on. Concerned about Beartooth Electric, and our Nation's Electric Grids, Walter headed to D.C., and became an attorney who spent time in House Energy and Commerce, and the Senate Judiciary.

After practicing law for a monster firm in D.C., Walter headed back west to litigate in Montana, where he has been quietly toiling away ever since.

Shortly before deciding to run for President, he was granted patent # US11437948B2 for his invention, related to cyber and electric grid security. He now aspires to reinvent America, and its structure and infrastructure, with an idea first championed by our founders, and especially George Washington - "NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION".

Why is he running you ask?

Walter turned 35 in the fall of 2022 and decided he would rather not be sitting on the couch in 2024 while two old farts set our country on fire with their BS. So he is taking his shot in the dangerous arena of the United States' 2024 Presidential Race. Also, he has the secret sauce.

Walter is not a career politician and has never run for political office. He is not corrupt; instead, he is a ruggedly independent, well studied man, with technology on his side. He is not just another Political hack.

Unlike some contenders, he knows when to speak, and when to listen.

Today, click "Learn More" below to explore his plan for reducing the size of the Federal Government by expanding the size of the House of Representatives, and what can follow.

If every visitor tells one friend, or pledges $1 per month, or donates $10 once, Walter cannot help but heal our polarized political worlds by increasing the size of our House, fixing gerrymandering, and giving a voice to each of you.

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